Product Name:

Six Pack Care


Price: PKR 8500

Six Pack Care in Pakistan

Six pack mind abdominal muscle machine (Master blaster) is one of the progressive item introduced by Telebrands. It is developing wellness machine for your finish body proposed to satisfy your fantasy of having extraordinary lean ABS. Different ABS wellness machines, accessible in the market in nowadays, are constrained to a few sort of activities however with the assistance of its one of a kind outline, powerful practice is conceivable that objective every single muscle of your body while making crunches in transit up or down. Its capacity to move in 180 degree edge empowers you to work out on muscles of lower, center and upper stomach in the meantime. These simultaneous developments of ABS bolster you to get more tightly ABS in brief time. You will get standard crunches while moving upward bearing and turn around crunches when you push your back in reverse or descending course

.The best thing is, 6 unique activities named as sideways winds crunches bring down abs tucks turn around crunches bring down stomach muscle press and extend can be performed with the assistance of this single abdominal muscle machine. This abdominal muscle machine is appropriate for individual of different ages and additionally for the individual having torment in their back. Different tests uncovered that ace blaster gives, down the middle time, 200% results as contrast with alternate abs gear. The significant advantage of utilizing six pack care is that in this gear there is to a great degree agreeable position for your seating which gives full backing to your neck and head. The plan of froth pad gives you, all over kneading development to your back. Along these lines your spine and back muscles are casual that make you feel great. You can even utilize this machine to get help from back torment; you should simply extend your back simply like a level line for 10 to 20 mints. You will get brings about mints.

Taking after activities can be performed with the assistance of six pack mind: oxygen consuming activity, extending body, back rub of five-impact, weight mitigating, invigorate oneself, blaze calories and reshape your body. It not just assumes an essential part in ensuring and supporting additionally kneads back and legs to lessen exhaustion.


Features of six pack care / Master blaster


    •      Type : Exerciser for Abdominal

    •      Features : Target center, upper, waistline, bring down abs and in addition angled

    •      Dual resistance groups are likewise given.

    •      Range of developments is more than180 degree

    •      All wellness levels are bolstered by flexible resistance level

    •      6 different work out can be performed.

    •      Also reasonable for people having back agony issue

    •      Relaxed by extending abdominal area

    •      Be alright with the backing of padded and rubbing back.