Product Name:

English Magic Device


Price: PKR 5500

What is English Magic?

English Magic is a sophisticated electronic device to help one learn spoken English. The device is designed keeping in mind portability and ease of anytime and anywhere use, making it a one-of-a-kind method of learning language.

This unique device is preloaded with animated real-life scenario based tutorials and illustrated word list of significant size. Whole reference material is designed after thorough research of the language itself as well as prevalent methods of learning and their shortcomings. English Magic's Audio-Visual experience makes learning convenient, assured, and fun.

What makes English Magic the best way of learning Spoken English?

English Magic is based on the basic human adaptation capabilities for a language when the person is exposed to familiar life events taking place in that language. This is exactly how a child learns a language, without any book or grammar classes but by receiving auditory and visual feedback from the environment.

This is a much better and proven way to develop conversational skills in a person who is new to language. As opposed to other methods of learning English, English Magic discourages heavier feed of Grammar in the beginning itself and expects the learner to develop the language skills by auditory and visual exposure to scenarios.

This set of 8 books is a unique approach in helping ones striving to master the nuances of English. These books are designed in such a way that reader never finds self burdened with the confusing lessons, but finds self engrossed in their subtle yet informative lessons. Special attention is given to assure natural progression of learning where the learning from book 1 to book 4 takes a gradual incline on the degree of complexity. To practice what is learned, there are 4 workbooks in the package which are closely linked to the 4 main books making it a complete assistive tool to English Magic Device.

Meticulously drafted.

Rich content.

Colorful and Glossy.

4 Main Books.

4 Work Books.