Product Name:

Double Sided Grill Pan


Price: PKR 5000

Double Sided Grill Pan In Pakistan:

Whether you are planning to grill fish, chicken, beef, pork or to cook a stew or soup, this pan can handle it all! You can even pop your popcorn or make Chiffon Cake and Sweet Grilled Potatoes with it! You no longer have to use a spatula to turn your food over. Just flip the pan and voila! Your food is perfectly cooked on both sides! It's a multi-purpose pan!


The pan possesses a silicon gasket for steam vent purposes and it also includes a healthy oil receiver equipped with scientific grease tray. Its function is to collect excess grease for a healthier meal and easy and mess-free disposal of unwanted residues. You can live a happier and healthier life with your family. Once you convert all your pans with the Happy Call Double sided pan, you never want to use a normal pan again!


Double sided multi-purpose pan

Seals and locks

OEM Product*

Stainless Steel Handle holder

Silicon Gasket for steam vent and excess residues


1.Functional Pressure Magnets Elements Promoting pressure inside pan as a one toch type.

2.Stainless steel handle support pin Elements connecting Pan and handle parts.

3.Silicon Packing Element preventing smoke and odor at maximum.

4.Connecter and safety pin Elements connecting upper pan and lower pan.

5.Prominence part Part in lower Pan contacting Silicon packing for making pressure while closing upper pan.

6.Oil drain receiver External oil receiver collecting drained greasy oil from the upper pan during cooking.

7.Functional handle the ergonomic designed handle for easy handling and safety use.