Product Name:

Sauna 2 In 1 Belt


Price: PKR 3000

Sauna 2 in 1 Belt in Pakistan.

Sauna Massage Velform Drop those pounds while sitting the solace of your own home. Getting more fit has never been this simple with the Velform Suana Belt!

Saunas have for some time been demonstrated to reduction muscle to fat ratio ratios and have been utilized all through the ages for both weight reduction and wellbeing reasons. Every one of the advantages of the sauna now has a conservative structure because of the Velform Sauna Belt. This thinning embellishment centers the sauna heat on the most risky body parts and flushes out and dispose of poisons. This compact sauna belt is awesome for the stomach area, midsection, back and hips.

It works like a warming cushion with a temperature setting control. When it's set to greatest, the warmth animates the blood stream, which helps you create warmth and expansions your metabolic rate. This thusly makes you sweat more. Another fortunate thing about it is that you can move around and do your customary work while the sauna belt sheds the fats for you.