Product Name:

Sandhi Sudha Plus


Price: PKR 3400

Sandhi Sudha Plus:

SANDHI SUDHA works as pain relief oil its help to remove a very earlier pain.  SANDHI SUDHA is proper solution for body and joint pain. Millions of people use this oil for pain relief its results is immediate basis. If you seen this result you should use oil just for 10 – 15 days and after you feel the results. You use the oil certain areas shoulders, neck, wrist, ankles, knees, back bone ETC. Before using the oil please dry that body part. Hundred numbers of people getting result from this oil. At the end we say this is the good Herbal product for pain. Remember: Just World-Tele-Mart deals Original Herbal Products.

How to Use:

Use before clean effective area with worm water.

Use this oil twice in day with daily routine for better result.

Doing massage on effected area with soft hands don’t hardly.

Use just 10 ML of oil per session no more than 10 ML.

Once patient apply this oil after warm area with carton.

How to Work:

 SANDHI SUDHA Plus oil made with totally herbal ingredient. Its work like a physiotherapy if you used this oil really trust on this oil this oil make helps to relief a joint, shoulder, back bone, choler pain. And also works on knee pain.